Talladega County Commissioner Jackie Swinford recently announced his candidacy for probate judge of Talladega County. I believe this is a position that is a service to the people, many times at a difficult time in their life.

Nowadays it can be unusual to get a return phone call or response from politicians. That is not the case with Commissioner Swinford. In the last couple of years, I have contacted Mr. Swinford probably two dozen times. He has never failed to respond to a phone call, text or anything else and to do so promptly. It seems few public servants do that nowadays, and it has become the exception rather than the rule.

Many probate services are needed at a difficult time for families when they need service and compassion. My experience with Commissioner Swinford indicates he will do exactly that.

The gentleman for the job, the servant of the people, Jackie Swinford.

Wendell Stewart