Fighting for yards

Munford running back Justin Sistrunk dives forward for extra yardage against Moody on Friday.

“Ugly” is how coach is how Munford head coach Michael Easley described Friday night’s homecoming game. 

But a win is a win, as the old adage goes, and despite a series of missteps and injuries, the Lions were able to deliver a 20-7 victory over the visiting Moody Blue Devils.

Starting from its own 24-yard line, Munford came out strong on the game’s first possession, barreling over the Blue Devils in an aggressive drive that ended with a touchdown carry from senior running back TJ Johnson. An attempt for two points failed, however.

A three-and-out for Moody and botched punt would give the Lions another shot at the end zone. But a handful of missed plays and bad snaps would keep the Lions from putting any more points on the board for the rest of the half. 

Munford’s troubles were further exacerbated by an injury to quarterback Jay Tuck early in the second quarter. Tuck limped to the sideline after a rough pile on, where he remained until halftime. 

The Blue Devils managed to strike back towards the end of the half with a recovered fumble at the edge of the red zone, followed by a 29-yard touchdown pass to junior wide receiver Logan Cole. 

Moody started the third quarter with a 7-6 edge, but that was quickly diminished after an ill-timed turnover provided Munford with the opportunity to pull ahead. 

Back in the game, Tuck hit senior receiver LJ Flint with long pass that put the Lions up 14-7. 

Late in the game, Munford took another drive to the end zone, giving Johnson his second touchdown run of the evening. A blocked kick would keep the score at 20-7. 

Three to know 

- Easley said the fumbles and bad snaps from the first half have been an ongoing problem throughout the season. That’s sure to be an area of focus in the coming weeks.

“That’s something we’ve talked about as a team,” he said. “We’ve worked on it and repped it, and at the end of the day, we’ve just got to get the job done and not put the ball on the ground.”

- Multiple injuries have made things difficult for the Lions over the last week. However, Easley praised his younger players who stepped up when they needed to. He also said he expects Tuck to be ready to play in next week’s road game against Mortimer Jordan.

- Lions senior running back Justin Sistrunk stood out with 11 carries, four first downs and a two-point conversion late in the game.