Setting high goals

Devona Gover and the Lady Fighting Tigers will host Charles Henderson on Saturday at noon.

Devona Gover and Talladega County Central High School’s girls basketball team enter the 2019-20 season with high expectations. 

The Lady Fighting Tigers are loaded with talented again and seemed poised to make a deep postseason run.

Gover has played a major role in TC Central’s success since stepping on the court as an eighth-grader. She is a versatile player who has the ability to take over the game on both ends of the court.

Gover and the Lady Fighting Tigers open the season at home against Charles Henderson on Saturday at noon.

Gover took a few minutes to answer questions about the  upcoming season and herself.

Q: What do you want to accomplish in your senior season?

A: First, to have a successful season with no injuries. To get over the regional hump that we have been facing the past few years and get to (the Final Four in) Birmingham.

Q: What’s one special talent you wish you had?

A: To be in a good mood all of the time. 

Q: Who’s someone older than you that you’d like to grow up to be like?

A: My mom, because she is a very hardworking and dedicated lady.

Q: If you tried out for “American Idol,” what song would you sing?

A: “He Knows My Name” by Tasha Cobb.

Q: The weather is cooling. What's your favorite fall activity?

A: Watching Christmas movies and eating chili. 

Q: What are three things that you can’t live without?

A: My family, God and the Internet.

Q: No matter how old you get, what’s something you don’t think you’ll ever grow out of? 

A: My family.

Q: What's something about you that few people know?

A: I have a slight phobia of heights. I get paranoid when being up too high sometimes.

Q: What's one movie you never get tired of watching?

A: “Taken 3.”

Q: If you were a teacher, what subject would you be most qualified to teach?

A: Reading.