Scam alert

TALLADEGA -- Talladega police are warning the public to be aware of a social media banking scam that multiple people in the area have fallen victim to since January.

According to Talladega police Capt. John McCoy, victims see a post on Snapchat or Facebook that says they can make “easy money.”

“They must give the person their banking information, including their account number, login information, debit card and PIN to their debit card,” McCoy said. “They (the victim) either leave the debit card in a designated location,” or the scammer will arrange to meet the victim somewhere to obtain it.

McCoy said the scammer then deposits a check into the victim’s account through a mobile deposit and then immediately withdraws the money using the debit card the victim has given them.

“The check is returned back to the bank because it was never any good, and the victim is negative the amount of the fake check, which is reversed to the victim’s account,” McCoy said. “The victim is then left owing money to the bank. The victim does not receive any money and doesn’t realize it until it is too late that there was never going to be any money.”

Talladega police note the deposits have been between $2,000 and $4,500 at a time.

“Never give your banking information to anyone unless it is to a trusted source,” McCoy said. “If it seems to be good to be true, it often is. There is no such thing as easy money.’

For more information, or to report a tip, contact the Talladega Police Department at 256-362-4508.