B.B. Comer Memorial Library in Sylacauga

The B.B. Comer Memorial Library in Sylacauga

SYLACAUGA -- B. B. Comer Memorial Library will kick off its “Universe of Stories!” Summer Library Program on Monday, June 10, at 10 a.m. with an exciting performance by Didgeridoo Down Under and their “Didgeridoo Space Adventure!”

The fun program, according to a press release, will be followed by a time for children to sign up for the summer reading program, set a reading goal for the summer and choose books to take home to read.

Library Director Tracey Thomas commented on the extraordinary effort Comer Library makes to help children build and maintain their reading and language skills during the summer months.

“Summer reading programs are designed to motivate children to read while school is not in session and also to provide a wealth of fun opportunities to continue learning during the summer,” she said, in the release.

“Programming, materials and activities for children are a big part of what the Comer Library does all year long, but while school is out, we really concentrate our resources and personnel on encouraging children to read to prevent a setback in their skills.  

“For many families, the public library is the only place available during the summer months to go for free educational and cultural activities.”

Youth Services Director Mandi Cantrell is excited about the 2019 program theme, “Universe of Stories!”  

“We are well-aware at the library of the wealth of great stories available for checkout, and this fun theme allows us to share a wide variety of stories with our young patrons with which they may not be familiar,” she said, in the release. “We hope that it will encourage some young readers to branch out into literature that they may have never explored before.”

Cantrell spoke of the dozens of beautiful books that have been purchased to support the summer theme.

“We have had a great sponsorship response from individuals, businesses and industries that help provide beautiful new books and great performers,” she said. “We honor our donors with photographs in our yearlong reading ‘Hall of Fame,’ where the (18-inch-by-20-inch) posters feature the sponsors reading to children of their choice.”   

Cantrell pointed out Comer Library is poised to help children continue their learning all summer long through encouragement from fun programs and events for all ages.

“Those who can’t attend the performances can join the Summer Reading Club, which is active right up to the time that school begins in the fall,” she said. “They can set reading goals, keep reading logs and win prizes at benchmarks.”

Beginning June 10, these exciting programs for the “Universe of Stories!” series will include performances (for ages 3 and up) on Mondays and Wednesdays at 10  a.m., along with Storytime on Tuesdays at 10 a.m. and fun programs for teens Wednesdays at 1 p.m.

For more information or to sign up for the summer reading program, please call the library at 256-249-0961, or visit the library’s website at www.bbcomerlibrary.net.