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Maxine Beck: Thinking about how we seem to be in the 'Twilight Zone' these days

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Maxine Beck

Maxine Beck

Hello all!

My sisters and I recently discussed the frequency of death in or around our community. It really is something to scratch your head over.

I spent two months at my oldest son's home and every 12 days my sister would call and fill me-in on the latest deaths in or surrounding Talladega. My son also received morbid updates from friends/coworkers.

What is going on? To me it appears as if we are in the "Twilight Zone"!

Everything appears "off"!

Food has a different smell and taste (if any), you can gain five pounds within two days, you have to eat every 90 minutes to maintain your mood, nobody is sure anymore what size shoes or clothes they wear (your online measurements are never the same as before), some people look at you sideways, some appear to want to smile but decide against it, chicken wings are $3.49 a pound, while sitting on your porch up the driveway comes a small dog chasing a large deer, and you order spaghetti and meatballs but are not sure what the meatballs are made of.

Now doesn't this sound like something out of the "Twilight Zone" or the "Alfred Hitchcock Show"?

Did you see the Hitchcock Show where a tourist could never find his way out of a small town? He would ask for directions but all directions led back to a diner that was full of people that never looked up from their meal. Boy, that was something to see!

At times, I feel that the world, too, is full of plastic people who are just going through the motions!

Is this the reason that more people, than ever before, are depressed or/and committing suicide?

Why are children committing suicide at an alarming rate? When I was 8 years old, I doubt I knew the definition of suicide.

Some pundits have blamed some of our social/mental ills on the 2020 pandemic. But think about the inmates who are locked up for years, and when they are released, they are expected to behave as if they have returned from a month-long cruise around the world.

Just something to maybe scratch your head over while wondering, too, why some people refuse to wear a mask or act a "nut" on airplanes

How about this: a young man called and stated that he represented a company that looks over customers' wills to make sure they are in order. Imagine that! Someone thinks that he/she can call you, out of the blue, and you share all of your personal details with him/her. What nerve! And I told the caller that I have an attorney and he stated, "You can't trust attorneys!" Now I didn't even know the caller's first name, but am supposed to trust him. After I told him that, he ended up telling me good-bye.

Good riddance! Please don't call again!

I am going to change hats and talk about a much happier subject.

Currently, Beyond the Lights Theatre Company has produced two children's shows, Disney's The Lion King Jr. and Sister Act Jr.

The company is directed and was founded by Terencea Holtzclaw.

Terencea, a University of Alabama at Birmingham graduate, is the daughter of Waltae L. Cochran and Terencea Holtzclaw and the granddaughter of the late Walter and Willie Pauline Cochran.

She stated that she enjoys being on stage, but realizes she can make a greater impact from the technical side of theater. Terencia further stated that she mostly realizes, too, she has an opportunity to further introduce and develop the art amongst youths.

The company recently attended the Alabama Youth Theatre Company Experience One - Act Festival.

The following students received awards for their performances and technical designs of Sister Act Jr: Devin Knight, Male All Star; Majesty Truss, Female All Star; Dalton Knight, Best Male Vocalist; Madison Ragland, Judge's Choice Award, Biggest Voice Award, and Smallest Package Award; and Brianna Nino, All Star (Lighting Design) and Best Set Design.

Audition for the next production, Shrek Jr., will be April 23.

For further information, Terencea may be contacted at 256.589.0713 or

Maxine Beck is a contributing columnist for The Daily Home. She writes about the African-American community in and around Talladega.