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MAXINE BECK: Here’s hoping we learn from 2020, enjoy happier 2021 (column)


Maxine Beck

Since the world has just escaped one of the most tumultuous years to mankind, have you reflected on 2021?

I have!

Although bleak, I hope the entire world never forgets what can happen and what did happen in 2020 -- physically,  socially, financially, mentally and religiously.

I hope and pray that in 2021, the entire world conquers COVID-19 and we nevermore witness such.

I hope and pray that in 2021, the world conquers racism and hatred so that we nevermore witness a policeman, for whatever reason, place his knee on a person's neck and hold it there, eight minutes and 46 seconds -- more or less -- until the person cries out for his/her mother before choking to death and on camera.

I hope and pray that in 2021 the world will nevermore witness people losing their jobs, homes, businesses and livelihood at a rate not seen in years. The nation’s jobless rate entering the new year is excessive. 

I hope and pray that in 2021, the world will nevermore witness issues related to mental illness.

I hope and pray that in 2021, the world will witness renewed faith in the Lord that has not been witnessed since that Holy Night in Bethlehem when the stars shined brightly during Our Savior's birth.

Wishing everyone a "happier" 2021 and hoping and praying that we become better people physically, socially, financially,  mentally and religiously in 2021. 

Shame on the president!

Looking at the protesters breaching the U.S. Capitol, I am further worried for all of us!

How shameful that a so-called president is not willing to call for the protesters to "stand down!"  

This is America!

Million dollar question

Today, the million dollar question is:  Are you going to take the COVID vaccine?

My answer is:  Yes.

I think, according to data, my chance of surviving the COVID vaccine is greater than my chance of surviving COVID -- especially with five underlying health issues (hypertension, diabetes, etc.).

I discussed the issue with Ava, one of my BBF, who has taken the vaccine.  She is in her 70s, also.  Although a retired registered nurse, she occasionally works in the health field.

But, unlike so many of us in our 70s, Ava swims, exercises regularly, eats properly, watches her weight and does not have underlying health issues.

Picture this: On Dec. 22, 2020, Ava fell backwards down a flight of stairs while pulling a grocery cart and did not injure her back or head.

After regaining her composure, she picked herself up, gathered her cart and groceries, and walked, with a slight limp, to her apartment on the second floor.

I talked with her today, Jan. 6, 2021, and she stated she was totally OK -- no soreness from the fall or side effects from the vaccine.

I see why she was not hesitant about taking the vaccine -- she is healthy and has read and stayed abreast of data related to the vaccine.

I hope and pray that we all make the right decision!

Maxine Beck is a contributing columnist for The Daily Home. She writes about the African-American community in and around Talladega.