Roy Moore showed last week it’s nearly impossible to heap too much humiliation on his back.

Twice he’s been removed as chief justice of the Alabama Supreme Court, and he followed that up by doing the near impossible, losing a statewide race in Alabama while running as a Republican. In between, Moore endured a Senate campaign that saw him face allegations he pursued relationships with teenage girls while in his 30s, and may have committed sexual misconduct with some of them.

Despite all that, Moore is back. He announced last week he’s making a second run in 2020 at the Senate seat he lost to Democrat Doug Jones in a special 2017 election to replace Jeff Sessions, who had vacated the seat to become U.S. attorney general.

I have little doubt many in the media will make the case against Moore for Senate over the next year or so, but that’s not my plan today. Instead, I’m going positive.

So, as a gift to Alabama’s GOP voters, I present a list of things you can accomplish by voting for Roy Moore in next year’s Republican primary.

If you’re eager to see New York’s Chuck Schumer rock the Senate floor as the new majority leader in January 2021, vote for Roy Moore in next year’s Republican primary;

If you want to do your part to prove that Jones’s victory in 2017 was something more than an electoral fluke while at the same time watching Democrats celebrate Jones winning a full six-year term in the Senate, vote for Roy Moore in next year’s Republican primary;

If you enjoy seeing the Republican Party split, and thus weakened, vote for Roy Moore in next year’s Republican primary;

If you want to see national media outlets such as The Washington Post descending on Alabama, eagerly looking to dig up dirt on a GOP nominee, vote for Roy Moore in next year’s Republican primary;

If you want to create a Democratic majority in the Senate to either A) hamper any judicial nominations President Trump might make in a second term, or B) assure easy confirmation for any liberal nominees a Democratic president might send up should Trump lose, vote for Roy Moore in next year’s Republican primary; and

Finally, if you want to perpetuate stereotypes about the South in general or Alabama in particular, vote for Roy Moore in next year’s Republican primary. 

If you’ve reached the conclusion that I was being sarcastic when I wrote that this was a list of things Republicans “could accomplish” by voting for Moore in the primary, you’re right. 

But about the following, I couldn’t be more serious. The math for 2020 senatorial elections is more favorable for Democrats than Republicans. The GOP will be defending 22 seats next fall, 10 more than Schumer & Co. 

Still, to claim control of the Senate, Democrats are going to need to pick up four seats, and Republicans can go a long way toward making sure that doesn’t happen by making a pickup of their own here in Alabama.

If I were a betting man, I’d bet on that happening in November 2020, but not if Moore is the nominee. He is a highly  flawed candidate whose presence on the ticket would not only give extra motivation to Democrats but also turn off many GOP voters. 

GOP voters made a poor decision when they nominated Moore two years ago. That Jones only won what was essentially a two-year term helped mitigate the consequences of that mistake. A repeat of that poor decision next year could come with a far stiffer penalty. For details, consult the list above. 

Lew Gilliland is assistant editor of The Daily Home. Reach him at