One of the best things I’ve seen on the Internet over the last week was a video of 8-year-old Ava Martinez impersonating Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Not only does Martinez resemble the lefty lawmaker with her long hair, glasses and red lipstick, but her impersonation is spot-on, poking fun at Ocasio-Cortez and some of her wacky ideas.

My favorite part of the video comes toward the end, when the young Martinez takes aim at AOC’s affinity for solicalism.

“Socialism is so amazing,” she says in the brilliant parody. “Like, socialism is actually short for social media. Did you know that? I use social media, so I’m a socialist. Three of the most successful countries in the world are socialist, too: Venezuela, Facebook and Twitter.”

The video was posted to Twitter by Martinez’s stepdad, Salvatore Schachter, and according to the New York Post, had received almost 450,000 views as of Saturday.

But while Martinez’s video is hilarious, there’s evidence some congressional Democrats may be less-than-amused with the real Ocasio-Cortez and other House freshmen, so-called progressives who keep creating headaches for Democratic House leadership while trying to push the party further and further left.  

Recently, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee announced it will no longer work with political strategists and vendors who support candidates running against sitting Democrats.

According to Business Insider, some Democrats say the move was made out of respect for Democratic incumbents, who have paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to the DCCC in the form of dues.

However, others in the party, according to the BI story, see the measure as taking direct aim at progressive challengers trying to unseat incumbents of a more traditional ilk. And because we’re talking Democrats, identity politics is going to be a big part of the story. Progressives argue that while the DCCC’s decision is going to hurt many first-time candidates, it’s going to have its greatest impact on women and people of color.

"We cannot credibly lay claim to prioritizing diversity & inclusion when institutions like the DCCC implement policies that threaten to silence new voices and historically marginalized communities,” freshman Rep. Ayanna Pressley said in the Business Insider story.

Watching Democrats accuse each other of racial or gender bias is amusing, but I don’t think either played a role in the DCCC’s new policy. Instead, I think it’s far more likely party leadership doesn’t want to lose any more incumbents to AOC types who have no grasp of reality and subject the party to ridicule with talk of 70 percent tax rates, suggestions of eliminating air travel and warnings about the dangers of cow farts.

Some of the isane ideas being pushed by AOC and other progressives may play with elitists on the East and West coasts, but the hunch here is they’re a much harder sell elsewhere, in places like blue collar districts in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Michigan, places that made Donald Trump’s victory in 2016 possible. If the Democratic Party wants to be competitive in those places and elsewhere moving forward, it needs fewer candidates like AOC, not more. That’s a fact even some 8-year-olds can understand.

Lew Gilliland is assistant editor of The Daily Home. Reach him at