I currently reside in Talladega; however, I was raised in Sylacauga, and it will always hold a special place in my heart. I still have family there and visit often. It is heartbreaking to visit my hometown and ride by the old Avondale Mills site, and from speaking to others, it is troubling to them as well.

I don't understand why, after almost eight years since a fire destroyed the mill, it still looks like a war zone. So many Sylacaugans, several that were relatives and friends, spent the better part of their lives in that mill working tirelessly to make a living for their families, and I know for those still living, passing by and seeing that disaster is exceptionally hard.

I don't understand why the present owners of the property have not be made accountable for not removing and clearing the site. Why have they not been fined, and fined heavily, for prolonging the cleanup and clearing? It is totally ridiculous that the property has not been cleared after eight years, and even more ridiculous, it seems that no one has had to answer for the lack of not doing so.

I, along with several others, want answers and want to see the site cleared and cleaned of all debris within a reasonable time frame. When Pell City's plant burned, the site was thoroughly and efficiently cleared in a short time, why has that not happened in Sylacauga?

Libby Conway Barden