Talk about people who say one thing and do another, that is the Democrats in Washington. They make millions of dollars a year, get free everything paid for by our tax dollars, all kind of staff workers, travel and free vacations paid for by lobbyists.

These Dems want to raise our taxes and have us do without, due to it will not affect them. They get free medical and did not even have to have Obamacare, voted by them. They don't have the same Social Security plan and take more time off than anyone who has to work for a living.

What about walls? They just so happen to live in neighborhoods that have walls to keep folks out and folks with guns to protect them, but you and I should not have a gun. Hypocrites.

Yep, they want no planes, no jobs, and the sun is suppose to keep us with lights and power, but I bet they will have all they need in their nice offices in Washington and in their homes while the rest of us suffer.

America has worked the way it was meant to be -- hard work, protect our country (border), be whatever a person wants to be, and to be proud to be an American. The Dems are trying to kill this and have got to be stopped or America will be dead and be nothing but a third world country run by hypocrites.

Steve Persons