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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Wake to the Trump nightmare


There is little doubt Trump has committed outrageous, unbelievable things during his presidency. He is the worst president in modern times, perhaps in the history of the USA. Yet Republican support is steadfast and resolute.

Now there are cracks in his supportive Republican armor. Recently , the U.S. Supreme Court rendered decisions piercing Trump policy and dogma: overruling Trump on an immigration issue -- Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) -- and the LGBTQ ruling people could not be fired simply because of sexual orientation. A lower court federal judge denied Trump’s request to block release of book critical of him. Perhaps the deepest cut, the Supreme Court ruling the president does not have absolute legal immunity.

Other cuts: The U.S. military has historically refrained from entering the political arena. A general (the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff) publicly apologized for being in a photo op with Trump after protesters in Washington, D.C., were gassed so the president could walk to a church to have his picture taken holding a Bible upside down. A retired general publicly stated Trump is dividing the country and making a mockery of our Constitution. Several other retired top military officials are speaking out. Things are seriously wrong when the military speaks out against the dubious actions of a sitting president.

Don’t overlook the words of Trump’s former national security advisor stating Trump is a danger to the Republic. Yes, the former security advisor wrote a book for money. But that does not totally discounts his words, because He Was In the Room.

Republicans in the Senate are also awakening by not supporting Trump ‘s firing a federal prosecutor who investigated two of his personal lawyers. Some pro-Trump opinion writers are saying his response to the coronavirus and police violence are hurting his chances for re-election. The coronavirus death count is over 130,000, and the new infection rate is rising daily. The most surprising awakening -- the NFL commissioner who angered Trump by switching the league’s position on players protesting racial injustice.

Are you also awakening to the presidential nightmare of Trump in a job for which he is neither qualified nor suited. Wake up, rise up, Vote Trump out in November 2020.

Martha Jordan