We reached a new milestone — perhaps also a new low on May 29 when an explosive story hit the national media disclosing that wealthy Florida and University of Alabama alumnus Hugh Culverhouse Jr. is withdrawing $10 million of his $26.5 millions pledge to the university. Furthermore, Culverhouse is urging students enrolling in the school to "boycott" attending in protest of Alabama's new abortion law. Culverhouse is quoted in national media as saying that the law is “morally and constitutionally wrong.” He went further by urging Mercedes and Google to avoid doing business in Alabama.

Culverhouse's power and influence has long been evident in Tuscaloosa. Initially, when he announced his $26.5 million gift, the school renamed its Law School in his honor. Chancellor Finis St. John has recommended the School's Board of Trustee return all $21.5 million drawn to date from Culverhouse.

Culverhouse is quoted as saying he doesn't want students — especially women — to become entrapped under Alabama’s new abortion law.

While Culverhouse has been phenomenally successful in real estate in Florida, he is also the son of one America's wealthiest men, Hugh Culverhosue Sr., owner of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers of the NFL.

What we have here is new territory and a disgrace to every Alabamian. Culverhouse Jr. is attempting to set public policy by writing a check. By manipulating his money, Culverhouse thinks he can influence legislation affecting every resident of Alabama.

This travesty cannot stand! The people of Alabama — especially students faculty, alumni and fans — must rise up and tell Hugh Culverhouse Jr. loudly and clearly to take his millions and put them where the sun doesn't shine. The last time I checked, we still live in a democracy where money cannot buy EVERYTHING!

James W. Anderson