Trump is a racist, con-man and a cheat. So said his former personal lawyer and “fixer.” Why should you believe him? Trump’s former friend and lawyer worked closer with, and knows him a lot better than any of us.  

If that’s not reason enough to believe a convicted liar told the truth at that congressional hearing, then look no further than Trump’s weekly, almost daily body of lies. By estimates from journalists and historians who follow Trump’s actions closely, he has told over 8,000 proveable lies (roll that videotape on youtube, please).

He has disrespected and discriminated against veterans, women, minorities, the disabled and others. Face it, the president is not an honest man and cannot be trusted. Trump has lived and exhibited almost every bad character trait that you, and/or your children/grandchildren were told that’s wrong, bad, don’t do it.

Why should you care about Trump’s actions? They don’t affect you? Ah, but they do. Trump is leading the charge to roll back protections enacted by Congress beginning decades ago.  Protections for pay, hours of work, safe working conditions, consumer financial protection laws, destruction of the environment, pollution - land and sea, and clean, safe food and water.

Whether or not you believe in climate change, fact is, the earth’s climate is being affected by the harmful actions of people, resulting in a warming of the earth that has negative effects on weather patterns that we are now witnessing.  

Trump and his millionaire/billionaire minions do not care about you or me. They care about enriching their financial bottom line. Trump has put his rich cronies in key government agency head positions. They are rapidly rolling back laws and regulations that will forever, if not stopped, negatively affect the quality of our lives, our children and their children. They claim to be rolling back bad President Obama administration policies, but their actions go further than that. They are removing laws enacted decades ago and updated over the years to protect people and give us a better quality of life.

Of what value is money, goods and other material things, when you lose your health and the environment (air and water) is killing you? People, wake up and do not go blindly down this path that Trump is laying out. Don’t support policies and the people who are slowly deconstructing and diminishing our quality of life. Support and elect those who care about you as shown by their actions supporting policies that provide healthcare, protect the environment, provide a living wage and promote the dignity and respect of all people.

Martha Jordan