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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Trump not to blame for all that troubles us


You had a letter to the editor in the 9/17/2020 edition (St Clair Times, “The logic of the Trump administration”) from someone in Talladega. 

I don't know how old this person is, but I remember when Cuba became Communist. The first thing they did was to make everybody believe they would get everything for free: health care, schooling, jobs that would pay double, etc. Then they took all of the educators and put them in prison if they had not already escaped. Castro was as bad as Stalin. 

This person belittled Trump. They act like the pandemic is his fault. Think again, please. Look to China, the worst country in the world for spying on its citizens, limiting the amount of children they can have and only a state religion. All others are banned or imprisoned. 

I am 72 and am watching the same tactics used in Russia, China and Cuba to name a few. Check with your governor before you blame Trump. Check with the Democratic senator that is blocking payments to people before you blame Trump. 

Trump tried to have a change passed in Obama care when he first took office. Democrats shot it down. Trump tried to get other good things passed for us, including this latest payout. Democrats are still sitting on their hands (I am being nice). 

What have the Democrats done during these four years? Hate Trump, tried to remove him from office. However, he never stopped or paid them much attention. He just plowed on doing his job. I rest my case!

Brenda Partain,