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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Troy, Alabama A&M should stop accepting funds from Chinese government


Why are Troy University and Alabama A&M still allowed to be "Confucius Institutes" when the U.S. government has shut down the propaganda activity at 45 other institutes? 

These colleges are being allowed to accept funds from the Chinese Communist government to organize and promote groups and meetings that promote that dictatorship China as a normal, acceptable way of life. 

Normalizing slavery and government dictatorship ideals is not the American way. These groups are also found to be involved in espionage activities. Also, these active groups are influencing our local schools. The related Confucius Classroom Program partners with local school districts to provide teachers and instructional materials.  

We, as Alabamians and Americans, demand that the influence of the Communist Chinese government be stopped in the United States of America. We do not hold any prejudices against Asians or Chinese people. It is the dictatorship ideals and control of the government of China that we protest. 

Troy and Alabama A&M must be required to disengage from these groups and stop accepting funds from the Chinese government.

Charlene Brooks,