On Tuesday, Aug. 27, ABC 33/40 News sent a reporter to Talladega. The reporter was here to bring to attention the dangerous intersections of 275 bypass within a 2-mile stretch. The video aired on the 5 o'clock evening news on Aug. 27.

I was contacted, but upon his finding out that I was a candidate for City Council, he could not interview me. Off camera I walked with him to the intersection of where Howard ends and the Old Shocco Road begins at 275. The video included residents talking about these intersections.

I explained to him that there had been numerous accidents at this site. Accidents have had many injuries, and sadly fatalities. 

There was a caution light at this intersection. The light was taken down as a result of an accident that took down the poles that were holding that light in place. This happened several months ago and the light has not been replaced. Why?

The reporter had contacted ALDOT about these three dangerous intersections. ALDOT told him that they had no records of accidents at these locations. Why do they not have records and we need to know why it is that ALDOT doesn't know. 

Rodger Gunter