LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Today, I’m ashamed of my city


I wish I had a funny story to relate to you today, but my heart is too heavy. I am so ashamed of this city. Killing, shootings and violence just keeps on happening in our neighborhoods. 

It seems as though the people of Talladega just don’t care anymore. In broad daylight a young man is murdered and there is no immediate outcry for justice. No witnesses running toward the police demanding to be heard. 

Can’t you see what is going on? Evil has been so emboldened that it no longer has to work in the dark. It has been so accepted as the norm by complacency from you. You have to stop allowing this violence. Maybe you can’t see the endgame like I can, but let me try to help you.

Six years ago, we were having multiple home burglaries a day that were fueling the drug trade. The police did a great job arresting the suspects and putting them in prison. Then we started having home invasions and robberies. Now we are having murder committed during the day in public. What may come next is whole families killed in their homes. Is that what you can accept? Is that what will finally move you to come forward as a witness? 

Can you see the drug trades involvement in most of this violence in Talladega? Just like the gangsters during prohibition that had no cares for harming innocents, today’s drug dealers and participants have no regard for human life. My question for you is: Do you still care? 

Your minister can’t care enough for you. The police can’t care enough for you. Your neighbor can’t care enough for you. You have to rise above the fear that has controlled you and do something yourself. Make a stand against the people who are destroying your life. You have to do this or we all will fail. 

I can’t care enough for you, but I am praying for you. God gave us free will, and it remains for us to use it wisely. He has not abandoned us. He still cares. He still loves us.

David Sparks