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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: This shooting and littering must stop. (If you know, tell)


I am thankful to Mr. James W. Anderson for his Letter to The Editor in the Weekend Edition dated Oct. 31, 2020.

I agree with Mr. Anderson. It is past time for my city to take proactive measures in getting those drive-by shooters off our streets. It is time for this madness to cease.  All lives matter in respect to treating one another right.

 Mr. Anderson said, “The shootings have become a main topic of discussion by local residents, with most wondering out aloud what, if anything, our city manager, chief of police and senior officers are doing or can do to address the issues.”

Again, something, if possible, needs to be done quickly about the shootings that take place in our city.  Yes, Mr. Anderson, there are places in our city that I refuse to travel to at night, and some even in the daytime.

I should not be fearful to walk or drive the streets of Talladega at night or drive in the daytime to enjoy the city I pay taxes in. I have lived in Talladega all my life, minus three years I spent in the armed forces. I grew up and still live in the Knoxville neighborhood.

I chose to stay in Talladega because it is a great city with wonderful people minus those who choose to shoot at others and throw trash on our streets.

I am ashamed of hearing gunshots and I want to thank our Police Department for the work they do to keep us safe. I pray the Police Department will receive good information about those who are doing the shooting and give them their day in court.

Where is the pride of yesteryears in keeping our roadways clean, neat and in order? Where has the pride gone of teaching one another to love your neighbor and cleanliness is next to godliness that people use to learn at home from our parents?

I thank the city of Talladega for its effort in trying to keep our streets clean, but this has gone on too long and needs to be stopped. 

Why? Because, there are people who drive through our neighborhoods looking for a place to live. Young people who want to start their family and call Talladega their home of choice.

I am so proud to call Talladega my home, but the trash and shooting that litter our streets and brings fear to our residents causes my head to bow in shame.

Let’s do better! We can do better.

Pastor Johnny Frank McKinney,