Yes, probate judge of Talladega County, you are right — “Marriage is probably the single most important decision two people will ever make together.” The changes in the Alabama law have greatly diminished [the legalization of] the institution of marriage. 

The commitment/sanctity of marriage is between the two parties. But the legality of the marriage is important and necessary to the government from a contractual point of view. 

The probate office is not out of the loop entirely in the marriage process. Yes, Alabama probate judges do not have to perform the ceremony, but they and their office must process the written record of the marriage. 

What happens next when someone in the probate office does not want to (for religious reasons of course) record the notarized form, mail said form, or help the requesters print the marriage certificate form from the computer in the probate office?  

You are right, probate judge of Talladega County, every Supreme Court decision does not require a [knee jerk] Alabama state Legislature reaction. Everything that’s fixed is not necessarily broken. 

Martha Jordan