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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: There are no words, but


There are no words, but I have to find 250 to speak about Trump's breach of trust, democracy, the Constitution, sworn duties and obligations, justice and his madness.

The presidential election was won by Biden; Trump lost. Move on, Donald. But no, almost every week since Nov. 3, Trump has found a new low, a new bottom for dishonesty and dereliction of duties. Add treason and sedition to the list.

Recently, Trump attempted to browbeat and coerce the Georgia secretary of state to “find him 11,780 votes” so he can win the Georgia election. Sorta kinda like he leaned on the Ukraine president to find dirt on Hunter Biden. Surely the phone call to the Georgia SOS was rock bottom.

But no, a week later, as I sit here typing, Trump fomented an insurrection on the U.S. Capitol building in Washington. While Congress was in active session, Trump terrorists and white supremacists breached the building, took over offices and ran members of Congress out during a congressional session called no less than to certify the election of the next president of the USA as required by the U.S. Constitution.

Let me throw in the race card, yes I did. If those rioters/protesters/terrorists were Black, there would be blood and death long before they reached the Capitol building. Stir that around in your mind.

However, five people died, including a law enforcement officer. If you supported this madman, rethink your political views. Think about what you really stand for.

Jan. 20th - will this Trump nightmare ever end.

Martha Jordan,