LETTER TO THE EDITOR: That's our president


I fired the inspector general (IG) because Mike Pompeo, secretary of state, asked me to fire him. “I don't know the IG or why I fired him. I don't need to know the reason. I fired him because I have absolute authority to do so. Don't bother me with details.”

Yes, that is the spirit and actions of the elected president of these United States. Don't forget his hand is also close to the nuclear code buttons. Trump's latest firing of the fourth IG within about 60 days is retaliation, illegal, a travesty of justice and totally corrupt.

The federal government is a huge monolith. It employs a lot of people, some of whom do not always follow rules and law. So a system was set up decades ago to provide independent oversight of all agencies and federal employees to assure that laws are followed, our tax money and government resources are not stolen or misused. 

IGs are scattered throughout the federal government in various agencies. But I bet money that every IG in office is waking up to a new reality that the president of the U.S. will fire you if you dare to do your job and investigate him or any other Trump crony suspected of violating policy, rules and/or law. 

It is a new day in federal employment. Thanks to the most corrupt president in the history of these United States. We should all be afraid, very afraid.

Vote in November 2020 like your life depends upon it, because the quality of your life, your children and those you care about actually does. Vote Trump and his cohorts, enablers and co-conspirators out of office in the November election.

Martha Jordan,