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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Tearing others down does not build you up


Once again, I find myself agreeing with Charles Barkley`s latest comments to Black athletes, politicians and entertainers: "If you want to be equal, you do not do it by name calling and attacking other racial groups." 

Tearing others down does not build you up; being constructive instead of destructive builds you up.

How would you feel if another racial group was tearing down statues, monuments, desecrating graves, removing symbols and trying to rewrite the history of people dear to Black people? I seriously doubt you would like it or accept it peacefully, and who could blame you?

If you want respect for your group, you must give that same respect to all other groups. Otherwise, there is no equality among all groups in America, just an attempt for dominance and superiority over all other groups. 

Billy Price,