LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Talladega needs superintendent, BOE to come together behind students


Dear Mr. Ball and board members of the Talladega City BOE,

Good day. In regards to the latest turmoil involving you and the members of our community's education board, I'm writing from a concerned parent's perspective on this situation. 

In my opinion, no one is remaining on task to better the schools for our children!

Mr. Ball, you were wrong for your statement against the African-American women who serve on the board. It was simply unprofessional and unnecessary. 

And to me, it sounds as if the two ladies were wrong as well. To constantly vote against things that would be better for the school and students because of personal agendas, reasons or vendettas is completely unprofessional and shows that the students’ education is not what is on their hearts or minds. 

The question of the integrity and character of all of the board members has now been raised. My child will NOT be returning to any public education program for this specific reason. 

All of the board members are wrong to allow politics to override the purpose of their public service. They obviously don't have the students’ best interests at heart. Everyone seems too concerned with skin color representation rather than the betterment of our children. 

I want you to understand my perspective on this. 

I do not stand with any form of racist views, whether coming from one side or the other. I am a WHITE parent of BIRACIAL children. And I do not believe that I have to be biracial to represent my children. I love my family and want my children to grow up to have high levels of character and integrity. 

I have protested against injustice and police brutality as many have after the issues were raised around the world. I spoke up and represented my family and I advocate only for strong community unity and solidarity. I can represent my African-American husband and the beautiful brown children we have together.  

My logic tells me that there is nothing incoherent about a qualified white teacher instructing and advocating for his/her Black students, just as a qualified Black teacher can competently instruct and advocate for his/her white students. 

My question arose when I was informed by an African-American education professional that Mrs. McGhee and Mrs. Beavers have a history of voting opposite of the Caucasian members since well before the issue with you, Mr. Ball, and the text message that has become such a cause of uproar now. 

And our community organization, Peacefully Chanting, wants to know if this is a fact, and if so, why these ladies would continually use their voting power in such a way. 

We, as mothers and fathers with children to raise, would appreciate any clarification you or the board members might provide. 

At this time, it is my personal opinion that instead of the slogan "Tony Ball Must Go,” it should be "All Must Go!” This is a childish situation and very over-politicized. I and the multicolored community organization I represent just want answers to our questions. Curious minds want to know who is looking out for the children in all of this. 

Destiny Bearden,