In just a few short weeks, Talladega will be conducting an election for mayor, council members, and school board members. A very important election that provides the registered voters the opportunity to register their satisfaction/dis-satisfaction of present office holders.

One hot issue is going to be to splash or not to splash, and what location to splash.

One estimate has been that splashing could cost the tax-payers upward of a million dollars just to build. What will the cost to maintain it be?

Several years back, Westside had an outdoor swimming pool in walking distance of most young folks in Ward 1. There came a time that this pool needed some extensive repairs. The Ward 1 council member chose to close the pool and cover it up, due to lack of funds.

Within the past few months, Ward 2 residents in the Knoxville Area requested a power pole be replaced, that had fallen down. This pole serviced the overhead lights illuminating the outdoor ball fields. The cost would be about $10,000. It was not approved due to lack of  funds.

I would estimate that 50 percent of the roads in the city are in need of repair, and many communities experience flooding problems due to overgrown drainage ditches. No money to maintain the cost.

The list is endless of the complaints I hear from residents in various wards, while our elected officials are splashing around.

With the estimated cost of this one splash pad, I would think a nice swimming pool could be built in each ward, for approximately $300,000, and the remainder of the million dollars could be invested in roads, drainage problems and cleaning up Talladega.

No, I am not running for any office, but will be voting. I encourage every resident to be registered and voice your opinion on who you want to represent you for the next four years.

Thank you, Daily Home, for permitting me to address these important issues.

Larry Barton