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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Standing on the brink


The national election is over. The count is in. All that remains is the final vote of the electoral college. Biden won whether you/we like it or not.

The pandemic goes on with ever-rising numbers of coronavirus cases and deaths. Does the current president now focus on the health and welfare of Americans? Does he move on and work for the good of all? No. The current president retreats further into denial, greed, lunacy and selfishness.

He refuses to participate in the post-election government transition process. His actions further emphasizes, reflects selfishness and adds to the toll of mounting COVID-19 cases and deaths. The president spends donated money and some federal resources filing frivolous/merit-less voter fraud lawsuit suits that are summarily dismissed by the courts.

Trump has abandoned all pretense of being president of the USA. One of the amazing and shameful results is 70-million plus Americans, to include all members of the elected Republican Party who are OK with that. Those elected officials have been too cowardly and afraid to put the president in check these past 47 months. They allowed him to govern unfettered, no matter how wrong, bad, awful, shameful or illegal his acts and behavior.

Ladies and gentlemen, we, the tax paying, voting public are paying the price – we are in an escalating pandemic while standing at the precipice of an economic train wreck. Because a fool and charlatan was allowed to rule the land unchecked. WE VOTED HIM OUT!

Martha Jordan,