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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Shelby is Alabama’s biggest swamp creature


Sen. Richard Shelby finally speaks out about the massive amount of cheating that has taken place in the 2020 election. He says it’s time to accept cheating and move on without investing any and all accusations and incidences.

No, Sen. Shelby, it’s time for you to move on. You are the biggest creature Alabama has sent to the swamp. Instead of joining other congressmen and senators to ensure America has had an honest, truthful election, you simply want us to forget what has happened in several states and move on?

Yes, as usual, you shirk your duties to your office and want to maintain the status quo and continue business as usual in the swamp. There are very few times during your decades in office that I can recall where you have stood up for anything worthwhile for those who have voted for you.

You go along to get along by not rocking the boat for any cause important to the voters of Alabama. You fly under the radar, keeping a low profile, trying to be non-controversial in the hope you remain invisible and can keep getting re-elected election after election.

Those days are over. You either take a stand now and ensure voter integrity is maintained or you will never get my vote or those of other Alabamians again. You have wallowed in and hogged down the taxpayers’ money and enjoyed the perks that go with your office for far too long.

If Alabamians wanted someone in Washington, D.C., to do nothing, we would send a rock to fill this office. At least a rock would not cost us anything while it sits there and does nothing as you have.

Billy Price,