Lew Gilliland, I read with interest your article about what the latest CNN poll tells us about 2020. The polls, according to the fake news network, say that in every poll, except against Pocahontas, Trump would lose.   

I do not know where these polls were taken. Perhaps these polls were taken in California, Washington, or New York, but certainly not in Alabama. Fox News analyst says they took a poll dated 3-22-2019, where economist put in economy figures of the nation since President Trump has been in office and, according to the economist, he would win by a landslide.

Great economies play well with voters, highest in over 60 years. If you want a job, you can find one. Too bad many had rather take taxpayer handouts and sit on the porch and drink beer than going to work. And just as bad is our government for letting them get by with it.

If a person is able to work, they should have to get a job in order to continue to receive food stamps and taxpayer handouts. Jobs are out there thanks to Trump. Go get one. The only reason a healthy person should have an issue with being able to get a job and support their family is that they are too sorry to work. That’s just a fact, Jack!

The Demoncrats (that’s the way I spell it) lost the Senate because of their shenanigans during the Brett Kavanaugh hearing. Voters turned against them for that. And the Demoncrats are bound to keep their antics going about the Mueller report. That has and is going to turn more voters off for them at the ballot box.

It is a puzzle to me how they can keep saying “obstruction?” How can you obstruct something unless you actually obstruct. I can think about robbing a bank, but unless I do it, I am not guilty of a crime. Thinking about obstructing is all our president Trump did. Nothing was obstructed. As a matter of fact, he handed over every document that Mueller ask for. You can only beat a dead horse for so long, before it starts to smell. And this crap of obstruction and collusion is getting very tiring and smelly to all voters. That old dog won’t hunt anymore with the voters.  The only reason they keep this malicious attack up against Attorney General Barr is because they are afraid he is going to extend his efforts to see who really started this false investigation of Trump because of a fake dossier.

Back to your using a CNN poll, Lew. Have you not realized by now that CNN does not report the news, they only make it up? I had rather trust the Enquirer magazine than a CNN report.  Shame on you, my friend. CNN has so many people fooled and it is amazing to me how gullible some people are. Their poll may have indeed said that Trump would lose, but if I was a betting man, I bet you five dollars to a donut hole they skimped on the truth somewhere.  

Johnny Arant