Numerous wrecks at the Talladega bypass and Jackson Trace Road intersection have raised concern for the safety of our residents … rightly so.

Approaching Jackson Trace Road on the bypass from Highway 77, I have observed flashing lights alerting drivers of possible danger.

Also, driving in that direction toward Jackson Trace Road … "On a clear day, you can see forever."

Jackson Trace Road has stop signs, and visibility seems to be adequate.

Round-abouts have been mentioned as a possible solution.

I've seen  this solution used in Georgia, New Hampshire and Vermont for years.

My observations of the process is that it works in some instances.

However, traveling through a round-about, you have to concentrate.

One cannot be texting or talking on a telephone … to navigate a round-about takes concentration while driving quickly.

It's harder than stopping at a stop sign!

My concern, if one cannot avoid a collision with flashing lights, stop signs and a clear vision for a safe area, how in the world will anyone be able to make it safely through a round-about?

I'm all for protecting residents’ lives, and I am also strongly for folks driving responsibly.

I'm not sure it's the government's responsibility to protect folks from their personal neglect.

Don Stephens