For the average resident, it is difficult to determine what is going on in the Talladega County Revenue Commission Office. While we have only the Daily Home to look to for information,  one thing is abundantly clear: The Revenue Office is NOT being run as expected or required! The more we read the news coverage, it appears that the bickering between the County Commission and Commissioner John Allen is more than just petty politics. The result is our county is suffering.

The possible remedies stated by the Daily Home this week whereby the commissioner might be removed administratively by the state comptroller pushing the bonding company to revoking his bond is possible but could take far too long and be easily delayed and manipulated legally.  Shouldn't our County Commission consider seeking a Writ of Mandamus against Commissioner Allen?

While rarely used, a Mandamus writ was used in Alabama in 2015 by political groups seeking to force state probate judges to enforce existing laws prohibiting issuance of marriage licensees for same sex marriage. While the effort was unsuccessful in that case since compliance would conflict with federal law, the process, nevertheless was effective.

In the 43 years I have lived in Talladega County,  there seems to be a continuous ongoing occurrence of problems, mismanagement and scandals in government. Just a few years ago, if you will recall, state Revenue Department personnel were brought in to resolve mismanagement problems and restore revenue flow in the Revenue Commission Office. To think we are back in that position again is outrageous!

James W. Anderson