I was recently informed of inaccurate statements made by Mr. Timothy Ragland, who implied that Mayor Jerry Cooper and the City of Talladega have not maintained a positive relationship with Talladega College. Contrary to Mr. Ragland’s comments, the college enjoys a close relationship with Mayor Cooper and other city leaders. 

Talladega College has a $17 million annual economic impact on our community, and Mayor Cooper and other community leaders have consistently shown their appreciation by supporting the college’s initiatives and activities. Talladega College recently opened a new residence hall, and we will soon open a new student center as well as a new world-class museum. The college is thriving, and our community leaders have been extremely supportive. 

I do not know Mr. Ragland, but I felt it was necessary to respond promptly to his inaccurate statements.

Billy C. Hawkins, Ph.D

President, Talladega College