LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Poarch Band of Creek Indians’ lottery pitch should be rejected


The Poarch Band of Creek Indians, Atmore, Ala., are promising a billion dollars to the state of Alabama as the state Legislature gathers.

The legislators will also have choices for lottery bills,too.

The Indians state they are "contributing to economic, educational, social and cultural projects benefiting both Tribal Members and residents throughout the state."

Let it be known, I'm not a proponent  of any kind of gambling for Alabama.

A few days a go on a trip to south Alabama, I took a side trip to visit Atmore, where I lived in 1958.

It was remembered as a thriving, progressive farming community with a poor group of Indians living in a nearby community called Poarch.

I was surprised that Atmore looked well worn and not progressive at all. I do not mean this to be a judgment against the town and their leadership. I don't know their circumstances.

My concern is, how can the Poarch Band of Creek Indians, their official address Atmore, fulfill their promise to do such great things for the state when their hometown remains less than a mecca for business, industry or civic pride?

I do hope the state Legislature will look to Atmore with questions as to how the Indians have rose to such great wealth and their home city has failed to keep pace.

And, again the Indians may be more accountable than other questionable and corrupt lotteries!

Don Stephens