LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Pell City should transform old Avondale Mill property into downtown park


Since the city of Pell City has purchased the old Avondale Mill property I would like for the mayor, City Council and city manager to consider transforming that area into a park. Named Avondale Park after the first saw-toothed mill in Alabama and Pell City’s leading employer from the early 20th century until 2006 Avondale Mills that was located there. What a great area for a green space to go along with aforementioned suggestions for a repainted/restored Avondale Mills water tower back to its original form and a remodeling of the Avondale Mills human resource office building to a museum. 

A park in the center of the city with grassy lawns, trees, shrubbery, flowers and benches placed sporadically throughout the park, walking and jogging trails, an amphitheater for music festivals and other events, kids play area, restrooms, water fountains and picnic facilities. This could be a central gathering place for all residents as well as visitors. But most of all, a lasting legacy for the city and a catalyst for new development in Pell City's downtown.

Dennis Green

Pell City