LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Paying a little more in taxes to city would be worth the investment


As humans, when everything is running smoothly, in the workplace, church or in politics, we have a tendency to be peaceful and lovable. Never complimenting the merchant for providing a valuable service or the pastor for preaching a good, heart felt sermon, or the council for working to provide city services.

But let the merchant raise the price of goods 25 cents, or the preacher comb his hair wrong or the council pass a strong animal leash law, and the gloves come off.

Having been involved in business, church and politics, I want to take this opportunity to share the following. Especially about politics.

Four of the present Talladega City Council members have only been in office for six months. Having been blessed to be elected mayor for four terms, I follow the actions of this administration closely. I watch The Daily Home live reporting of the council and read every article written by Chris Norwood.

Based on what I see and read, this council is very transparent and works diligently to make sure every dime spent is justified. They have already shown they care and are prepared to take care of the taxpayers’ business. They are searching the budget, listening to each request and going over the expenditures with a fine-tooth comb. If they continue this, they are possibly going to stir up some dandruff. 

I may be proven wrong, but based on the video of the council and the excellent article by Chris Norwood in the Friday, May 15, edition of The Daily Home, this council is facing some financial challenges. 

According to the various department heads, many items of equipment are worn out or not operable. Police cars and fire trucks need to be replaced. The Water Department has numerous requests, Millions of dollars are needed for much-needed road paving, and the list is endless. I could continue, but I think my point is made.

It takes dollars to provide all the services required or expected from the citizens. If more revenue is needed after these four new council members clean up the budgets, then I believe most citizens would go along with the following.

I personally like good roads, excellent water, police and fire protection, and streets clean with garbage picked up. I don't like paying taxes anymore than anyone else. However, in order to keep what we have, I am willing to pay a little more fees or taxes.

With the price of gas as low as it is, 10 cents a gallon would pave many roads. At the end of two years, reduce the gas tax. I would be willing to pay a few more cents for water. Another 1 cent sales tax would not break anyone. It would be easy to borrow enough money to take care of all requests and/or needs, but kicking the can down the road is not the responsible thing to do.

Whether you agree or disagree, I encourage you to speak up and out. The council needs to know if you are against more taxes, then what services do you recommend they do away with.

Thank you Mr. Editor for permitting me to share with your readers.

Larry Barton