I would like to share my thoughts regarding the recent editorial letters published in the Daily Home regarding the leadership of the City Council. I begin by stating the following. Councilman Ricky Simpson (who was not present Monday night), as a local businessman, he works continuously to improve our city, not to mention his generosity. I have witnessed for the past seven years his personal financial contributions to matters important within the entire community.

Councilman Gerald Cooper, at times when his health is not the best, he manages to find the strength to attend council meetings and endures through the duration. To everyone, this is courage. Also, I have admiration for his efforts and his continued passion to serve the city.

Councilman David Street, he is determined and relentless to matters that he has chosen to champion. Also, he is actively involved in the community. Recently, he volunteered for an annual event held in Ward 2, my ward.

And my leader, Councilman Dr. Horace Patterson, for over 25 years, not only has he been behind the wheel, but a driving force behind many accomplishments in our city during this time. His leadership … well, longevity speaks and answers to this. His unwavering pursuit to serve his community and the city of Talladega are unparalleled.
Comments have been presented, opinions have been offered and statements have been rendered regarding members of the Talladega City Council. I am not going to address or reply to any in this letter. However, I must agree … some things must stop … So if anyone desires to express their continued concerns, opinions, statements and (most importantly) any blame, direct them to me.
I will hold a meeting on Monday, Aug. 27, from 5:30-8:30 p.m. at City Hall.

All residents of the city of Talladega; the leaders referenced in the articles; The Daily Home, including the editor and Our View panel; are cordially invited, and residents of Ward 2 are strongly encouraged to attend. In other words, there is no need for submission of letters to the editor regarding this open letter. Please attend or submit their thoughts to me at jbelston@taward2.com.

In addition, I will be notifying some of the business leaders identified and submitters of editorial letters to schedule a meeting to discuss their concerns provided in the Daily Home. Everyone, let’s agree to ‘some things must stop’ … and begin by attending.

Jarvis Elston

Talladega Ward 2 Councilman