It seems the law in our country only convicts Republicans or conservatives of lying to Congress or anyone they talked to. Just recently Roger Stone was convicted of lying to Congress and sentenced to 20 years in jail. Gen. Flynn was convicted by FBI of lying to them, even though Comey set him up and admitted it. 

Let's go back in time and, gee, we find head of IRS lied about picking out conservative groups on tax status; Hillary lied about Benghazi that killed Americans; Obama lied about using your doctor on new Obamacare; Adam Schiff lied about 1,000 times on collusion with Russia as well as meeting with the whistleblower who is not really a whistleblower; Loretta Lynch lied about the tarmac meeting with Bill Clinton; Eric Holder lied about guns to Mexico and caused an American life; head of CIA and NSA both have lied; Page and Strzok of FBI lied.

But as of today, none have gone to jail or been taken to court. It seems the rest of us don't have the same privilege as those working for our government. Where is the law that applies to all of us? Not found in the Dem control today. We need to demand justice and see that these listed people serve time in jail or lose all their money as did the conservatives who were raided by FBI or forced to sell their homes to pay attorneys. We all should be pissed off and get justice.

Steve Persons