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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: On COVID-19 and teaching jobs


There is no such thing as an unessential job. If there is, perhaps it was a non-essential job when there was no COVID-19 and might become unessential after COVID-19 is history. 

Many people have continued to go to their jobs and work during this "pandemic," where 99.8% of Americans have NOT caught COVID-19.

Just as teachers are around many students, other workers are around many of their co-workers. What's the difference? Does one profession get differential treatment over the other professions?

President Trump has said that school districts that do not open when they are supposed to will not receive their federal funding. This money will instead be sent to the parents of those students. I agree as those parents will be the ones trying to work their regular jobs and worrying about who is going to teach their children online.

If I were a teacher, I would be weary of this slippery slope and my job security. If students can be taught online during COVID-19, who is to say this will not become the new normal, putting you out of a job 100% of the time? 

Billy Price,