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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Not counting on Biden/Harris to bring us together


I just read a letter to the editor that praises the Democratic Party for bringing together Americans (“The Democratic team is set,” Daily Home, Aug. 15-16 Weekend Edition). 

Where have you been for the last four years -- when the Democrats have done everything, both legally and mostly illegally, to take over our government and remove a duly elected president. 

Now you are saying Biden and Harris have all the answers, knowing Biden will take a bribe from enemy nations like China and has done more in his career to fight the advancement of African-Americans, by supporting the likes of Robert Byrd. 

Not to mention, that Biden is being abused and used by a party; the senior man cannot carry on a comprehensible conversation most days. 

Harris has gone from being a tough-on-crime attorney general to supporting rioting and looting and enhanced lawlessness by defunding police departments. The sad thing is that most Democrats cannot state a legitimate reason for hating Trump ( a guy that Democrats loved before 2016). 

Voting for political offices should not involve the color or sex of a person. It should be who believes in protecting Americans first, protecting our rights. And we saw from the last Democratic administration that American sovereignty is not their agenda.

The people who are shoving the progressive socialist agenda down the throats of conservative American-loving citizens are out of control. They are misled into believing that the government can meet all their needs and make their life wonderful -- that is not the job of any government agency. Stop Socialism Now.

Charlene Brooks,