There was a funeral in town today, but nobody came. The tiny casket sat empty as if waiting for someone to pick it out. The interior was soft, silky and inviting, seemingly anxious to be tried. Everyone is talking about how sad it would be to fill the beautiful casket; it looks so perfect as it sits. However, the dread continues for its eventual use.

Who is going to fill it, you may ask, such a small casket fit only for a child? I will tell you who might fill it. It might be with someone you see out playing in their yard or riding a bicycle in the street. It might be with someone sitting on their couch playing a video game eating a Pop tart. It may be someone laying in their crib beside a new mother and father. There is just no way to tell right now. Events are happening so randomly and so spread out over town that it could be anyone anywhere.

You can stop this from happening. You can stop a family-destroying tragedy right now. Watch your neighborhood for the reckless criminals that are shooting at everyone and anything.

They have no regard for the small casket. You must stop them. They can’t see the empty casket, but they will see it filled if you do not stop them.

Nobody came to the funeral today. Nobody was inside the casket. Nobody saw anything that could stop or identify the latest shooters. Nobody cares right now. Someone will care once the casket fills. Someone will want answers and help understanding why. If you are reading this, you answer, you make a difference and you help.

No Body at a funeral is a good thing. How much longer will it last?

David Sparks