LETTER TO THE EDITOR: New flu strain: Democrat Flu


I, like millions of Americans, came down with the latest flu epidemic — Democrat Flu. 

It seemed to last about a week and the symptoms were nausea, headache and the urge to change the TV channel to “Ancient Aliens.” I did not realize if you were in Congress how a congressman can lie every breath and not go to jail for lying to Congress as has some regular folks who did and are now in jail. 

We the people should not put up with this rule as it sure as hell applies to us the voters and bosses of these bums. These Dems have not done one thing to help any American for three years and have spoken so badly about our great country and disrespected all those who died and got injured making America what it is today. 

All our president does today is fight for America and all Americans to make their life better. Try to think the last time you heard any Democrat running for president say how great America is and how they can make jobs and protect us. They just want to keep people needing them and giving free stuff and get votes. 

We the working folks will pay the bill, and the Dems will sit in their Washington offices and laugh all the way. 

God Bless America and our vets!

Steve Persons