From the time President Trump announced he was running for president, the liberal media and Democrats have maligned, accused and castigated him. They also have their panties in a wad about the support he has received from ministers and the conservatives, moderate and Republicans, who believe God has his hand on the president. Is this possible?

Noah was a drunk, Jacob was a liar, Joseph was abused, Samson was a womanizer, Rehab was a prostitute, David had a sexual affair and was a murderer, Elijah was suicidal, Jonah ran from God, Job went bankrupt, Isaiah preached naked, Peter denied Christ three times, Mary Magdalene was a woman who had been divorced more than once, Paul was too religious, and Moses had a stuttering problem.

Whether you support President Trump or not, the haters have not been able to stop his success. Just maybe God is using him and, if so, will continue to be successful. God can use anyone.

Thank you, Mr. Editor, for permitting me to share with the readers.

Larry Barton