In her letter Wednesday, Aug. 28, Martha Jordan was parroting the National Democratic Party line that President Trump cancelled an executive order barring the mentally ill from buying assault-style weapons. 

What President Trump did was sign a law passed by the full House and Senate repealing a regulation that never went into effect. It was signed by Obama in the last days of his term because he knew for eight long years it was unconstitutional and would never stand. 

The regulation would have required the Social Security Administration to report recipients who have their benefits managed by a representative payee, effectively barring them from legally owning firearms. It would have applied to recipients between the ages 18 and 65 to whom Social Security assigned a representative payee after determining they were unable to manage their own finances due to a mental impairment. The Social Security Administration would then notify those affected over the phone and in writing. 

Officials at the American Civil Liberties Union opposed the rule and called for its repeal because the process did not include sufficient due process protections.

"There is, simply put, no nexus between the inability to manage money and the ability to safely and responsibly own, possess or use a firearm," the National Council on Disability said, echoing what the other groups have said. "This arbitrary linkage not only unnecessarily and unreasonably deprives individuals with disabilities of a constitutional right, it increases the stigma for those who, due to their disabilities, may need a representative payee."

Jim Parker