LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Like the flu pandemic a century ago, this, too, shall pass


While I write this letter, I can see a photo of my father’s family taken about a year after the flu siege of America 1918.

It's a pitiful picture of my grandmother, my father and two sisters who barely survived the flu.

My grandfather and my great-grandmother died, and my grandmother was so weak a year after the flu that she still walked with crutches.

They all lived in one house as a family.

Every time I see that picture I am reminded of how serious times like these could be and remember my father's hurt as he became the one responsible for planting and harvesting what little crops they could grow. He was 11 years old and scared for life with that trauma.

These days I am less than consoled by messages from Lady Gaga or Miley Cyrus about our welfare as a nation, and I'm not too encouraged by the federal folks either.

I do think we need to be serious and observe guidelines provided by health officials.

I do expect that "This Too Shall Pass." Let's all make sure of that as we support one another.

Don Stephens