I hope every decent American can see what a plot the Democrats have going on as they try and change what 63 million Americans did in 2016 by electing Donald Trump as the president. 

Not all Americans wanted Obama to be president, but the GOP did not try and impeach him for all the dirty stuff he did as president and took this country to a low point over eight years. We will find Obama and all the other crooks that worked for him and Hillary are behind the three years of hell that the American people have been through. 

Does it seem strange that no Democrat has had his or her house raided by police, even though there is plenty of evidence of criminal behavior. The FBI, CIA is full of roaches and needs to be sprayed. 

All the Dems on the Judicial Committee need to be impeached for leaks, lying and secret meetings. I hope all the voters in their states wise up and vote them out. They have not voted on anything to help the American people. No reason to have them there. 

We need better security on the borders, better housing for poor folks, better roads, etc. But it’s nothing but impeachment for them. They should not be paid for the last three years for doing nothing. God bless our vets for loving America and our current troops for protecting America. Even the Dems hate our military. Please get them out in November 2020.

Steve Persons