LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Kay Ivey maintains ranking as one of the most popular governors in the nation


Gov. Kay Ivey gave her third state of the state address this week, and she did so while enjoying favorable popularity ratings.

A recent survey by The Morning Consult ranked all of the nation’s governors on how well-liked each was in the state they lead. Ivey came in ranked as the 10th most popular governor in the United States.

That is a strong result, considering her number one priority last year was a not-so-popular gasoline tax that went into effect this past fall.

And the controversial issues will continue this legislative session. Ivey will be facing daunting proposals regarding, gambling and marijuana as well as criminal justice and education reform.

The governor has not been shy about tackling difficult challenges since she took over as the state’s top executive after the resignation of Robert Bentley. Alabama has had much success during Ivey’s term in office, particularly with economic development. Yet, there is still much to do for the future of this state.

We will see how the governor handles more tough issues during the upcoming year and during another legislative session.

Paul DeMarco