LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Joe Biden trial is due


Well, it's time for the trial to start when Congress gets back to work. 

The GOP needs to get Tara Reade on the stand like Blasey Ford and let the American people hear her story of how Joe Biden sexually assaulted her in 1993. 

Where are the women’s groups saying Tara Reade has got to be telling the truth because she is a woman and must be believed? Where are Chuck and Nancy saying Joe is guilty even without any evidence? Where are CNN, CBS, MSNBC on saying Joe is scum and does not deserve to be president, must less a Supreme Court judge? Strangely when one of their own, there is silence. 

Oh, by the way, Obama, the clean guy Joe said he was, says Joe is honest. Come on man, check his whole family’s bank accounts. All are rich due to Joe and the deals he made with China and other countries while VP. Honesty is not close. Can't wait for the trail. Too bad it’s not on now because we need something to watch instead of reruns. 

Steve Persons,