Talladega needs term limits for  city councilmen. A Washington DC city councilman who has been in office for 29 years had his home raided by the FBI and faces charges of receiving hundreds of thousands of dollars in kickbacks. This is one of the many reasons for term limits. I have no proof this has occurred here, but the possibility can not be ignored.

A term limit is a legal restriction that limits the number of terms an officeholder may serve in a particular elected office.

Term limits would lessen the chance of corruption.

Term limits would also give opportunities for more leadership from communities.

Term limits would also give more choices to voters. Yes, instead of the same people under the influence of the incumbent to automatically vote the same person in for life, we would now have a choice to new leadership.

In the case of Talladega, all incumbents are in favor of spending an unprecedented amount of money for a splash pad. Many residents do not support this and claim it to be a waste of money that we do not have. Many are looking at the enormous cost of upkeep of a splash pad that would be a perpetual burden for our city at taxpayer's expense. Many are in favor of spending money to improve each ward instead of a slash paid that would only serve a small percentage of our people.

Term limits would also remove an incumbent who has outstayed his or her usefulness. I'm on board with the many who agree that we have such a councilman.

While there are countless other reasons to change our underwear, space here would not allow to explore those reasons.

Election time is coming.  Please consider term limits to be included on our council.

Roger Gunter