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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: It’s about time


Well, it finally happened. The people have had enough of the jokes we have in office as well as the FBI, CIA and attorney general, and the latest VP of USA. 

It is so good to see the "people" get ticked off and do something. I hope it continues to happen, and maybe the folks who have been wronged with these voting scandals and lies will see what happens when you tick off the majority of Americans. 

Those who hate Trump can be happy, but they will see this country be destroyed, and it will affect them as well as those Americans who use to believe in justice and the American way. 

I hope everyone noticed that there was not one fire in the melee today, and how fast the police and FBI and National Guard came in. Gee, where were these folks in Portland and the other cities taken over by thugs? I guess if you are not BLM or Antifa, you get to go home at 6 p.m. or go to jail. 

I hope all you Dems are happy, and when you don't have a job and something worse than COVID-19 comes across the border to your city, maybe you will think what the last four years were like. God be with us for the next four years.

Steve Persons,