The U.S. Justice Department announced this afternoon (July 7) the arrest of billionaire Jeffery Epstein on a long list of sexual abuse and trafficking of underage girls (some as young a 11). Does this sound familiar? It should, since Epstein has been in the news for this activity for many years. But this is not the ugliest part of this story. As far back as 2001, the Federal Aviation Administration official records indicated that former President Bill Clinton (who was a known chum of Epstein) took 26 trips aboard Epstein's private jet with the accused, sometimes ditching his Secret Service team. Not to mention the millions funneled into Clinton's coffers by Epstein. Not only has Clinton been able to dodge media coverage of his deeds, Epstein actually pleaded guilty years ago to several previous charges but was only sentenced to 13 months suspended sentence and forced to register as a sex offender.

The question is obvious: Why have these two been afforded protection all these years by the major media? Despite a storm of media noise (and that is what we are experiencing) on Trump's alleged “crimes,” this crowd simply has turned a blind eye to these two. Regardless of your political persuasion, this is just wrong!  

Despite the major network coverage today on Epstein's arrest, not one word was mentioned about his relationship with Bill Clinton. Clinton's dalliances with Monica Lewinsky under his desk were horrible enough, but this goes beyond the pale. This was such a widely known story over such a long time that media insiders privately referred to Epstein jet as the “Lolita Express.”

I sometimes wonder if there is any hope left for this nation.

James W. Anderson