LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Hope of Americans should be built on Jesus, not Trump


An Alabama candidate for the Senate said God sent us Trump to save us. How many of us still believe that?

First, if God sent someone to save us or direct us … it would be a Christ-like being ... not a daily liar!

Their first concern would not be economics and jobs. Trump has deceived folks to believe that they cannot live with outhouses, homemade clothes, no iPhones and air conditioning.

I am here as one born at the end of the Great Depression and tell you I am here because my father knelt between two beds -- mine and my mother’s -- and asked God to supply our support.

The next morning, one of my dad's cousins stopped his car in the snow ruts in north Alabama and knocked on our door. He said, "I was awakened in the night and thought you might need help.”  

He had a sack of corn meal and a bucket of sorghum syrup . We survived for a while on cornbread and syrup.  

Prayer to God was our survival … not the president.

People are saying we cannot go forward without economic openings … well, here I am!

Please join me in believing "My Hope is built on Jesus Christ, the solid Rock."

The hope of America doesn’t depend on a Trump or Biden!

 Don Stephens